MIT Technology Review

Technology Review, a media company within MIT, produces daily content for their web platform, publishes a quarterly magazine and organizes events around the world. Tech Review approached us when they needed to increase capacity without abandoning their current space: a 7th floor office on the Charles River with panoramic views of the Boston skyline.

The central bank of workstations were reconfigured to break up the deadly grid of cubicles—each individuals workstation bleeding into their neighbors and small collaborative niches. This planned disorder was unified with a simple material palette accented with pops of red furniture.

A super-graphic stretching the length of the office on one side is offset by vintage magazine covers. Hard-working but comfortable furniture is used throughout to invite dynamic use and collaboration.

firmC&J Katz Studio
lead designer — Jeffrey Katz
— designer, project manager
— Cambridge, MA
scale — 11,200 sf
general contractor — Cafco Construction
date of completion — August 2015