Marvin Showroom

The New England distributor of Marvin Windows & Doors wanted to create a showroom—one that would not only introduce visitors to their products but more importantly, tell the story of the brand. The site was a newly-developed former warehouse in the Innovation District of Boston’s Seaport.

Our solution was to create a narrative environment where the choreography of a visitor would guide them to see, experience and think about windows and doors in many different ways. Not unlike a museum, a range of “exhibits” and freestanding rooms within the larger space create an open landscape that encourages exploration and inquiry

The same basic window is recreated with different shapes, glass and finishes then stacked as a sculptural celebration of the infinite variation possible with Marvin products. Models of award-winning homes that utilize Marvin windows are displayed on pedestals.

A multitude of felt yellow roses arearrayed on an entry wall, bringing vibrancy and a playful eye to the classic Marvin logo. Two interior spaces—a Dining Room and a Living Room—demonstrate how good windows can seamlessly and effortlessly enhance any living space.

A standard double-hung window is exploded 3-dimensionally, each of its 200+ pieces suspended, showing the precision and complexity of a "standard" product.

firmC&J Katz Studio
lead designer — Jeffrey Katz
— project manager
— Boston, MA
scale — 3500 sf
architect of record — Baker Design Group
general contractor
— DF Pray
date of completion — November 2016