RISD Grad Show

The RISD Graduate Thesis Show is installed each spring to showcase the cumulative work of all graduating students. This exhibit showcases Interior Architecture as a discipline and displays the 2011 Graduate Thesis Projects.

A series of concept models rest on a glass shelf which is supported by sheets of trace paper suspended from a 30-foot box-beam spanning the exhibit space. This single object  defines the space with a simple, poetic gesture.  
Corresponding posters are hung along the outside of the space to provide more information, while the shimmering, fluttering, variegated wall of trace paper defines a simple circulation path.

The result is powerful in its subtlety.

The conceptual design, structural detailing, fabrication and installation of this piece was a collaborative effort as part of a course by Daniel Hewett.

school — Rhode Island School of Design
course — Detailing in the Adaptive Environment
— Daniel Hewett
location — Providence, RI
scale — 375 sf
date — Spring 2011